About Us
HD BarcodeHD Barcode, LLC is a solutions developer, integrator, and provider of proprietary barcoding technologies. With over 30 years of experience implementing advanced systems, HD Barcode has become a trusted source for turnkey and customizable barcoding solutions that increase security measures, secures products, and prevents supply chains from becoming compromised.

Iritech and HD Barcode’s – HD IrisCheck

HD IrisCheck – World’s First Iris Verification ID Card Solution Co-developed by IriTech and HD Barcode, HD IrisCheck™ enables identification through mobile devices without requiring a database, network or internet connection. Press release: Click Here Encrypted iris data will be embedded in a proprietary 2D barcode by a secure code generator. This iris-barcode can be… Read More »


Mission Statement

HD Barcode, LLC. Is dedicated to providing advanced and secure barcoding solutions for the pursuit of positive identification, elimination of counterfeit products, and an end to product diversion.