HD IrisCheck Press Release

By | May 2, 2017

Positive Identification Without the Use of Internet or Database Lookup

HD Barcode, LLC and Iritech have teamed up to introduce the world’s first ID card “HD IrisCheck” with the ability to store biometric data, photo, and descriptive details about an individual in one robust code called, “The HD Barcode™.” Each agency, school, or manufacturer will have their own unique code generator and authorization key for decrypting HD Barcodes. By separating the ability to generate and decrypt printed codes, each company can positively ID members, visitors, and other authorized individuals while ensuring unauthorized personnel are not able to alter code data.

The individual’s iris data, photo, and related text, such as position held, clearances, emergency medical information, etc. can be embedded in the HD Barcode™ for multiple levels of positive identification and accessible without a database lookup or Internet connection. This ensures information is readily available. Even in the event there’s a loss of communication and/or power failure.

To create the ID card, the individual simply places the camera in front of one of their eyes which allows the software to capture and convert the iris information into a proprietary digital format. Even if the iris image is adversely affected by eye glasses, contact lenses, tears, eyelids, or eyelashes, Iritech’s software can operate with no discernible performance degradation as long as at least 50% of the iris image sectors are good at the time of enrollment and at least 25% are good at the time of identification.

The individual’s photo and relevant content are combined with their iris details and sent to the “HD Barcode Generator” and converted into a printable 2D HD Barcode™. The ID card is then printed with human readable content along with their unique and secure code on one or both sides of the card and can be printed using existing printing processes. Reader devices such as Android Smartphone, PC, or custom terminal are designed to detect metadata embedded within the HD Barcode™ to determine its authenticity. This embedded security key can be changed from time to time and multiple keys can be utilized for different users. When the data is confirmed, the reader device will decrypt and display the information contained within the HD Barcode™. There are no possible “backdoor” methods of bypassing authentication procedures. Devices can be time stamped and only usable during specific periods of time. Authorized personnel can also be issued an ID card with a separate HD Barcode™ that must be scanned before the application is activated and usable. This prevents reader devices from becoming compromised in the event they are lost or stolen.

Once the individual’s HD Barcode™ has been decoded, their identification can be further verified by scanning their iris using Iritech’s approved camera and partnered software. A one-to-one comparison between their scanned iris and stored biometric data is performed thus confirming the person’s identity.

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