Iritech and HD Barcode’s – HD IrisCheck

By | May 15, 2018

HD IrisCheck – World’s First Iris Verification ID Card Solution

Co-developed by IriTech and HD Barcode, HD IrisCheck™ enables identification through mobile devices without requiring a database, network or internet connection. Press release: Click Here

Encrypted iris data will be embedded in a proprietary 2D barcode by a secure code generator. This iris-barcode can be printed on a paper or an ID card. Hence, the solution provides significantly improved security compared to that of other public codes such as QR codes and is more cost-effective compared to IC chip smart cards.

Using a mobile device with an integrated iris camera or connecting a mobile with a USB enabled iris camera such as IriShield™, authorized personnel are able to instantly verify an individual’s identification with HD IrisCheck™. The solution can be an optimal choice for project deployment in rural areas of developing nations with difficulties in building network infrastructures and maintaining its privacy and security.