HD Code Blue

Instant Access to Vital Life Saving Information

No Database Lookup or Internet Required!

In the event of an emergency, time is of the essence and having the right information available instantly could be lifesaving. HD Code BlueTM can hold an immense amount of crucial data that can be accessed without the use of the Internet or database lookup, or even phone service..

All the information contained within the secure HD Code Blue can only be read by authorized personnel with access to the mobile Smartphone App.

How does HD Code Blue work?

Unlike store UPC barcodes or a QR Code, HD Code Blue provides agencies or departments with the ability to create their own unique HD Code Blue with an assigned “private authorization key” utilizing either our pc based “assigned code generator” or our “cloud” based generator. The department assigns and controls their “private key” and emergency information which is entered into the HD Code Blue program. That information is sent to the code generator and a HD Code Blue barcode is generated as a bitmap image onto the label or card. No personal data is stored, so there is no database to be hacked or stolen. Since all the data is in the code.

HD Blue then provides each department our Android based Smartphone app or of required a Smartphone with the corresponding “public key” to match the “private key” on the code that was created. Only authorized Smartphones will be able to read the code. The Smartphone can be password protected and no information is stored about a person on the phone.

HD Code can be attached to existing ID Cards via a waterproof Teslin label or printed on new ID cards with Teslin or with your existing card printer*
*Requires 600 dpi card printer

Place voluntary critical Information in the code to allow only your Department to Access that data even without the Internet or phone connectivity! No one can read the code, even if it is lost, even another Police Department.

What can HD Code Blue embed?
Emergency Medical Information

  • Allergies / Medical Conditions
  • Medications / Blood Type
  • Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)
  • Medical Insurance

Emergency Contacts

  • Family / Next of Kin
  • Doctors / Specialists
  • Religious Council
  • Medical Insurance
  • Custom Personal Information
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