HD Track & Trace

HD Track & Trace

The ever growing issue of product diversion with both prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medication facing the global market, its now more important then ever to be prepared to combat the problem at it’s source.

Preprinted HD Barcodes™ are added to labels during production to go directly onto the product while a GS1 or other serialized number code is printed directly on the carton of product. The HD Barcode™ and serialized number code are acquired and merged in the cloud. Aggregation information is store in the cloud from a serialized number code on the carton case for distribution. Cloud data base tracks all info for each product within the carton case and can also be used to match to the original track and trace GS1 code stored. Identify where primary bottle was supposed to be sold (i.e. USA versus Brazil) to prevent diversion.

The data base and portal access by end users and admins include the ability to scan codes for product authenticity, territory validation, marketing material and push notifications. Administrators have the added ability to generate reports like scans per region, diversion reports/alerts and quality/compliance reports.

For information on how HD Track & Trace can be incorporated into an advanced product authentication process please check out HD Anti-Counterfeiting.

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