About Us
HD BarcodeHD Barcode, LLC is a solutions developer, integrator, and provider of proprietary barcoding technologies. With over 30 years of experience implementing advanced systems, HD Barcode has become a trusted source for turnkey and customizable barcoding solutions that increase security measures, secures products, and prevents supply chains from becoming compromised.

Independence Baptist Academy Press Release

PDF Press Release Independence Baptist Academy, located in Clinton, Maryland, has begun implementing the first phase of a “three-part solution” to provide first responders with interoperable communication during emergencies. The Academy will be incorporating the most advanced, encrypted, and private code in the world, called “HD CypherCode,” invented and patented by HD Barcode LLC, a… Read More »

Mission Statement

HD Barcode, LLC. Is dedicated to providing advanced and secure barcoding solutions for the pursuit of positive identification, elimination of counterfeit products, and an end to product diversion.