HD Code Red

Instant Access to Vital Life Saving Information

No Database Lookup or Internet Required!

In the event of an emergency, time is of the essence and having the right information available instantly could be lifesaving. HD Code RedTM allows department personnel to embed an immense amount of crucial data into an HD Barcode that can be accessed without relying on the Internet, database lookup, or even wireless connection.

Vital information is contained within the secure HD Barcode which can only be read by authorized personnel via an approved reader device.

How does HD Code Red work?

By utilizing HD Code RedTM to embed comprehensive medical data of firefighters and their emergency contact information into our patented HD Barcode, this information can be accessible by approved reader devices during an emergency regardless of internet or cellular connectivity. The benefit of implementing HD Code RedTM is that each department is able to create a private authorization key through the code generator from the PC or web-based program. This ensures the embedded content can only be decoded via smartphones with the corresponding public key. Each instance of HD Code Red™ also allows for custom configuration of data, code structure, and security settings. Once a code is created, the data is then purged from the system. By avoiding the use of a database and only storing this sensitive information inside HD Code RedTM, there is no possibility of an unauthorized breach of data or hacking from occurring.

HD Barcodes can be printed on the firefighter’s identification card or applied directly to the ID card using a small industrial and waterproof Teslin label. Should information about a firefighter need to be altered, simply update the template and print a new ID card or print and apply a new label to the back of the existing card. In the event the ID card is lost or stolen, the information is unreadable by the public, thereby ensuring the firefighter’s information is secure. Lastly, the information provided is completely voluntary and remains with the individual, therefore HIPAA regulations are not a factor. HD Code RedTM is ready to be implemented at Fire Departments nationwide. Contact HD Barcode, LLC. to begin working on developing and implementing innovative solutions for the added safety of firefighters in an effort to save lives.


What can HD Code Red embed?
Emergency Medical Information

  • Allergies / Medical Conditions
  • Medications / Blood Type
  • Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)
  • Medical Insurance

Emergency Contacts

  • Family / Next of Kin
  • Doctors / Specialists
  • Religious Council
  • Medical Insurance
  • Custom Personal Information
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