HD Barcode Life Preserver

The First Secure ID Card to provide:
• Positive Identification
• Emergency Contacts
• Medical Information
No Database, Internet, or Connectivity Required

In the event of an emergency, time is of the essence and having the right information available could be lifesaving. HD Barcode Life Preserver IDTM can hold an immense amount of crucial data that can be accessed instantly without relying on the Internet, database lookup, or even wireless connection.

As individuals enter and exit a vehicle, their HD Barcode Life Preserver IDTM card can be scanned to easily verify the individual’s daily attendance. This can aid in the prevention of leaving a child in the vehicle or allowing them to vacate at the wrong location. By incorporating an NFC Tag and HD Barcode with the individual ID card, the individual’s personal information remains secure by allowing only authorized personnel and first responders to decode this data. Should there be an emergency, the individual’s encrypted medical and emergency contact information can be accessed instantly by approved reader devices.

How does HD Barcode Life Preserver IDTM work?

HD Barcode Life Preserver IDTM utilizes our patented HD Barcode which is able to embed an immense amount of data within a unique symbology that is not available on the open market. HD Barcode Life Preserver IDTM contains comprehensive medical data of individuals and their emergency contact information. This can be accessible by approved reader devices during an emergency without relying on internet or cellular connectivity. The benefits of utilizing HD Barcode Life Preserver IDTM are schools will utilize a user friendly data-entry program that is equipped with a back-end encryption algorithm that contains a unique authorization key assigned to each school. This allows the school to create their own internally used HD Barcode Life Preserver IDTM cards, configure the HD Barcode structure, and assign security settings. This ensures the embedded content can only be decoded and read via smartphones with the corresponding public key. By purging all data that is typed into the data-entry program after printing the HD Barcode Life Preserver IDTM, this mitigates any risk of backdoor access to sensitive individual information. There is no possibility of an unauthorized breach of data or “hacking” from occurring.

Unlike a photograph, which can be copied and manipulated to falsify ones identity, the HD Barcode cannot be reverse engineered or altered and therefore, allows first responders to positively identify a individual by simply scanning their unique HD Barcode Life Preserver IDTM card. The first responder can also scan the individuals emergency contact or medical information to quickly notify and release a individual to a parent or guardian and clearing them of involvement in an illegal act. Enhance your individual safety measures further by incorporating the individual’s biometric data into the HD Barcode Life Preserver IDTM card. HD Barcode Life Preserver IDTM can perform an instant match verification of the individual’s iris or fingerprint to the digital template encoded and encrypted in the 2D code, all without the need of a database.