HD Barcode

Brand Protection • Anti-Counterfeiting HD Secure-ID

Embed Content & Full Color Images within the Code. Display Proprietary Information on an Authorized Smartphone, PC or Custom Reader.

Proprietary HD Barcode The HD Barcode™ is an evolution in printed data density found like no other. By incorporating the HD Barcode™ in the printed material a manufacturer can store encrypted data that would allow only an authorized user to positively identify their product. Print your HD Barcode™ like other codes on the back of your cartons, back of your labels, or on your inserts via inkjet or laser printer at > 300dpi.

Why HD Barcode™ Technology?

  • HD Barcode™ is printed using existing printing processes. The cost per code is therefore, a fraction of a penny without altering or adding equipment.
  • This unique code can also be configured in a variety of symbologies to best work with artwork constraints.
  • Decryption of code via proprietary smartphone application, secure PC based program, and custom reader stations.
  • Embed an immense amount of data that is now available to ONLY authorized personnel anywhere in the world, without the need of an Internet signal, or database lookup.

Anti-CounterfeitBrand Protection

Unique HD Barcodes can be ink jetted or laser printed in the same manner as DataMatrix or other barcodes. Serial numbers can be embedded within the HD Barcode™ to match the DataMatrix tracking codes or other codes that are printed within product packaging. Traditional 2D barcodes, such as DataMatrix and QR codes, are limited in data capacity and require an Internet connection or time-consuming database look-ups.

HD Barcode™ has none of these shortcomings; a single code can hold 175 times more data than traditional 2D barcodes allowing for comprehensive product information in the form of text, images, HTML and Zip files.

Using a proprietary reading application, an authorized user can scan, read, and verify product details at any location. No Internet or database look-ups required!

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Instantly determine a products origin utilizing Complete Inspection Systems’ proprietary HD Barcode™.  Include covert features such as micro dots or various other data that is printed in obscure locations throughout product packaging for additional security.

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HD Barcode™ with GS1 code for Product Authentication

HD Barcode with GS1Embed unique identifiers into the HD Barcode™ that only authorized personnel can read. For example: Add a five-digit code that is identified when production is ready for final packaging NJXXX. The same five-digit code will be placed in the GS1 DataMatrix code for authentication. The five-digits from the HD Barcode™ will match the last five-digits assigned to the GS1 DataMatrix code. This variable data barcode is printed during final production. A “Stop” action is incorporated into the GS1 data, except the last five digits NJXXX added from the HD Barcode™. Match HD Barcodes™ to GS1: GS1 codes are public codes on secondary carton that can be copied, removed, or damaged. Printing HD Barcodes™ on primary label solves the aforementioned concerns.

Authentication Process:

  • Authorized users scan the HD Barcode™.
  • Scan the GS1 code.
  • User can confirm last 5-digits in HD Barcode™ and GS1 code match.

Counterfeiters Can’t!

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HD Secure-ID

The HD Barcode is a proprietary encrypted code unlike any other 2D barcode that can easily be replicated or generated. With this in mind we created a barcode generator that is unlike any other that is preinstalled on hardware that cannot be reverse engineered while also having strict registration/authorization guidelines. Thus removing the possibility of counterfeiting. Each code reader/decoder is paired with the parent code generator

An additional layer of security, the HD Barcode™ can contain information about added covert features and their locations within the identification card. The issuing agency can change or move the covert features as required. Only authorized personnel have access to encrypted code information, which is unable to be scanned if copied or reproduced.Identification Card

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