Independence Baptist Academy Press Release

By | January 24, 2023

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Independence Baptist Academy, located in Clinton, Maryland, has begun implementing the first phase of a “three-part solution” to provide first responders with interoperable communication during emergencies. The Academy will be incorporating the most advanced, encrypted, and private code in the world, called “HD CypherCode,” invented and patented by HD Barcode LLC, a Florida company.

Phase One: was just completed at the Academy, where HD Barcode LLC provided training and installation incorporating a secure, encrypted code printed on a water-resistant PPG TeslinTM label at each entrance and classroom at the Academy. Each label will embed information concerning the Academy layout or map of the building, blueprints, diagrams, and emergency contact numbers of administrative and support staff at the Academy. The codes will also be provided on a Teslin sheet of paper and supplied to Police Officers and Firemen as a backup. If the coded sheets are lost, they cannot be read or changed by unauthorized individuals. Additional codes containing information for a command post or map can be strategically placed away from the Academy as needed.


After September 11th, school shootings, and other critical incidents, interoperability has been identified as a major challenge for first responders. With multiple agencies/first responders attempting to access communications and directives, current technology/systems are overwhelmed. HD CypherCodes allow only authorized first responders with the matching phone app to read encrypted codes. HD CypherCodes can contain detailed maps and instructions that are encrypted/private and only readable via an authorized Smartphone or Tablet. The faster first responders have detailed site information, the faster they can work together to resolve the incident. HD CypherCodes can provide access to detailed pre-operation action plans, including a command post and staging locations.


Gary Parish, the Managing Director of HD Barcode LLC, is a former Prince George’s County Officer. Parish received his BS Degree from the University of Maryland with the help of the County, has always looked for ways to say “thank you,” and has found a way by offering HD SafeStudent to a school in the County offering the solution as a “grant.” With the information provided by the PGPD, Parish found the partner they were looking for in the “Independence Baptist Academy” in Clinton, Maryland. Upon a demonstration and meeting at the Academy, Mr. Fridenstine, the Academy’s Principal, could only see how our “HD CypherCodes” could help in case of an emergency, and was excited to have the new technology at the Academy.

Phase Two: Secure and encrypted HD CypherCodes will be generated for each student, embedding medical and emergency contact information and applied to the back of their ID card utilizing a water-resistant Teslin label. No data is saved from the data entry program once the label is created, which stays only with the student. Unlike prior medical information programs that were accessible to anyone that could pick up and review the information, HD CypherCodes is secure yet accessible to authorized First Responders, providing information that is secure yet accessible without HIPAA violations.

Phase Three: “HD LifePreserver”, Teslin labels containing parishioners’ voluntary medical and emergency contact information are created. Like the codes for students, all the data stays only with the individual and can only be read by authorized first responders. Unlike older medical cards, pressure-sensitive labels with the codes can be placed on the front door, refrigerator, ID cards, and in a vehicle. How are HD CypherCodes different and currently used? Called a “memory stick on paper,” each code has the ability to embed over 50,000 times more data than a UPC/EAN store code (Up to 703KB of secure, encrypted data). Currently, HD Barcode LLC’s exclusive partner, TECH5, is embedding full biometrics into the code, called a “cryptograph” in multiple countries for a positive identification on identification cards.

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