HD Pharma/Med Device T.E.C ID

Instantly Verify Employee Trainings, Compliance, Medical Data, and Emergency Contact Information With HD Med Device/Pharma T.E.C. ID Teslin Label

User friendly data entry program that generates encrypted HD Barcodes which can be decoded by authorized mobile devices without a database, Internet connection or wireless signal.

All the information contained within the secure HD Barcodes can only be read by authorized personnel with access to the mobile Smartphone App.

What can HD Med and Pharma T.E.C. embed?

Verify Employee Equipment Proficiency and Certification Status: Embed personalized employee trainings and certification levels into a secure code that is printed and adhered to individual personnel ID cards. Confirm an employee’s ability to operate advance equipment instantly by scanning their ID card via an authorized reader device without the use of an Internet connection or database lookup. Update this information by simply importing the scanned information, update the required fields, and reprint/apply onto the employee’s ID card fast and securely.

Immediate Positive ID via Text, Photo, and Biometric Data: Scan an individual’s ID card and review their embedded details such as individual data, photo, and even verify biometric data matches the individual via partnered fingerprint and Iris scanner devices.

Emergency Medical Data: In the event of an emergency, authorized personnel can obtain volunteered medical information about their fellow colleague by scanning their ID card and will be able to make well-informed decisions while waiting for first responders to arrive.

Emergency Related Information: Allow HD Med Device T.E.C. to speak for your fellow colleagues when they can’t speak for themselves. Authorized personnel can contact their coworker’s emergency contacts in the event of an accident.