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Independence Baptist Academy Press Release

PDF Press Release Independence Baptist Academy, located in Clinton, Maryland, has begun implementing the first phase of a “three-part solution” to provide first responders with interoperable communication during emergencies. The Academy will be incorporating the most advanced, encrypted, and private code in the world, called “HD CypherCode,” invented and patented by HD Barcode LLC, a… Read More »

Gary Parish, President of HD Barcode demonstrates their new “HD Positive ID” and “HD Code Blue” to General James Clapper, the former Director of National Intelligence. General Clapper’s photograph,  emergency medical and contact information is embedded in the encrypted HD Barcode on an ID Card. No database, Internet or Smartphone connectivity required and only personnel… Read More »

Counterfeit Electronic Parts Symposium Tabletop Exhibition

Counterfeit Electronic Parts Symposium Tabletop Exhibition Complete Inspection Systems, Inc. will be exhibiting at the Counterfeit Electronic Parts Symposium Tabletop at College Park, MD.  Visit us to learn about the our Multi-Use HD Barcode for Anti-Counterfeiting, Brand Protection, Marketing & Track and Trace!  Embed up to 703 KB of secure data without requiring an Internet… Read More »

New HD Barcode for Clinical Trials

New HD Barcode for Clinical Trials PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release Contact:Gary Parish Phone: +1 (321) 952-2490 Fax: +1 (321) 952-2495 Email: Gary Parish Complete Inspection Systems, Inc. introduces the HD Barcode- The first 2D barcode of its kind! Capable of storing up to 175 times more data than traditional Data Matrix or QR Codes.… Read More »

Smart Packaging for Smart Brands-by Package Design Magazine

Smart Packaging for Smart Brands by Package Design Magazine Packaging is getting smarter. New active packaging systems, also referred to as intelligent or smart packaging, are making life easier for the consumer by helping to ensure the quality, safety and freshness of everyday products. Most commonly found in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, these… Read More »