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By | June 13, 2013
Published: June 13, 2013
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Complete Inspection Systems, Inc. (CIS) is featuring the HD Barcode product authentication solution at Booth 625 at EastPack. The HD Barcode can densely embed up to 703kb (703,000 characters) of secure encrypted data, or 175 times more data than a Data Matrix code.
The code can be as small as 2 X 2mm in size with limited data. The HD Barcode can be applied and printed to the package with any printing technology used for printing DM codes including serialized codes. (CIS,
In the product protection system, a proprietary code with a unique identifier is assigned to each manufacturer. A code generator program is kept separate from readers to prevent unauthorized reproduction of codes. In addition, users can password protect and even provide time limits for reading the codes.
Manufacturers scan the code using a proprietary reading application to acquire comprehensive product details without the need for an Internet connection or reference to data base information. The code can be read using a variety of Smart Phones, off-the-shelf scanners, or a CSI custom camera-based reader.
Our CIS story text (below) read from HD Barcode (above)
The HD Barcode can contain information such as a description of where to find covert security features on the package, and manufacturing information such as product number, revision, and even distribution method. It can include full-color photographs of unique features of a good product, and instructions for product use. Since potential counterfeiters cannot read the code, covert features can be changed and identified in the code if the existing features are compromised.
Also, it can be used in conjunction with a GS1 code to authenticate the data in a Data Matrix code, with the inclusion of a serial identifier in the HD Barcode that matches a code of a few digits the manufacture appends to the GS1 number in the DM code. A counterfeiter copying codes can’t know the serial identifier in the HD Barcode, as the code can’t be read by an unauthorized user, and can be created so it won’t scan if copied or reproduced.
CIS is presently testing the system with several pharmaceutical manufacturers and government agencies, says Gary Parish, president, CIS.